I could spin some smooth and nostalgic prose about how this time of year is perfect for gazing back on those things we have accomplished and looking ahead toward the year before us, and — blah, blah, blech. You get the point. I won’t do that. But since I have been gone for almost exactly a year, and it is practically the New Year, I suppose I must do a little filling-in on what personal details I neglected to share with the internet in 2007. And so, without further ado…

Here’s what I haven’t blogged about, in (more or less) chronological order:

  • Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with my mom. In July. For a week. During record-breaking temperatures.
  • Finishing up a year of night school classes, further securing my place as the second-most over-educated person in my family
  • Ten days along the South Carolina and Georgia coast with the in-laws. In August. During record-breaking temperatures. (As you can see, I’m a master of timing.)
  • My trip to Reno just before Halloween. Costumed hoards of people roamed the crowded thoroughfares of Circus Circus, sporting disguises reminiscent of swing dancers, vampires, and clowns, to name a few. I thought it was Reno. Turns out it was Halloween. I think.
  • My new car. It’s purdy. And it even has an outlet so that I can charge my laptop, make coffee, or toast a bagel while driving. Very handy.
  • My brother’s lovely wedding to his lovely wife in a lovely setting.
  • My new iPod, and the day when it was stolen — and then not.
  • Losing twenty pounds. Then gaining five of them back, just in time for a new New Year’s resolution. Three cheers for holiday eating…

Here’s what I have blogged about:

  • Santa is a stalker
  • Snot
  • My cat
  • The day an evil company stole my blogs

As you can see, my priorities are on the right track.