It’s time for the annual posting of the first flowers of the season. (Yes, this happens every year.) I discovered these crocuses in our backyard while on the phone with my mother on Friday evening. Naturally, I was so excited I lost the entire thread of our conversation in the midst of my shrieks. Now my mom informs me that my father has been referring to me as “Little Snot” in conversations with her, all because we have flowers and they do not. I will rise above such pettiness, however, and vow not let his bitterness and jealousy get the best of me. After all, when you have flowers like these in your backyard, how can you feel anything but magnanimous toward those poor souls who did not have the foresight to plant their bulbs near a south-facing wall?*

Crocuses 1

Crocuses 2

*Yes, I have deliberately chosen to ignore the fact that those who lived here before us actually planted this set of bulbs. The ones I planted are indeed still underground on two other sides of the house. It simply spreads the flower bounty over more time. Also, note the lovely crackly brown grass around the flowers. Nice contrast, don’t you think?