Marin County Headlands

Posted by on Sep 3, 2008 in Buildings & Transportation, California, Landscapes, Mountains, Photography, Water | 6 comments

It looks as if piracy is alive and well in the Marin County Headlands near the Golden Gate Bridge. In truth, it is probably a tourist boat, but with the ship, low light, and fog, it is easy for me to let my imagination run wild when I look at this scene.


  1. squint a bit and you might see the jolly rogers hoisted up.. :) nice shot.. :)

  2. I do like the pirate ship, and the nice blue coloring.

  3. I like your imagination and beautiful shot.

  4. Stunning image. Love the cool blue tones and mist.

  5. M'kay. That looks a little too much like snow on the cliff there, and I don't like that. Otherwise…a beautiful, well-arranged photo. Yea!

  6. Beautiful..reminds me of N. Kohala on the Big Island-

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