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Baby Girl expressing her annoyance with a heartfelt – and very sloppy – raspberry.


  1. What an adorable picture. It looks like there should be a caption with it. :)

  2. Hysterical!!! What a great moment frozen in time! I have to admit I'm a sucker for the "non traditional" expressions and photos!

  3. wow. this is such an amazing photo. one the expression. i love the puckering of her lips and her soft hair. the photo feels very textural.

  4. What a face! I love this shot!

  5. This is so cute!!

  6. This is precious!

  7. so cute.. :) sour face at it's best.. :)

  8. Great picture. I love it. Something to show when she is 18!!

  9. awww… so cute!

  10. awww… I'm feeling a bit of sympathy for this cutie. Great shot.

  11. Love this one!!

  12. Love love love!

  13. Love love love!!!!

  14. Oh, what a cutie! I love it.

  15. OMG – how cute is that picture! Great job.

  16. Soooo stinkn' cute!! Love the b&w!

  17. OMG – What a cute picture!

  18. She's adorable!

  19. a beautifully-framed portrait. love the baby's expression, and i like your monochrome tones!

  20. Cute…nice expression captured !

  21. Awh, this is just precious! What a sweet face.

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