What Intelligence and Poise Look Like

Posted by on Aug 1, 2011 in Cat Obsession | 11 comments

Meet The Basil.

Taken with my cheapie point-and-shoot so a little less sharp, but the tongue made it worth posting.


  1. Nice shot Caryn. Does Basil always do that when you try to take a photo?

    • @Len Saltiel, Nope! He woke up from a nap and was cleaning his paws (because apparently sleeping makes them dirty). Afterward, he forgot to put his tongue away, so he was hanging out on the back of the couch, watching everything with his tongue hanging out. I had my point-and-shoot handy, and since time was of the essence I grabbed it and took a few shots before he yawned, licked his chops, and settled in for another nap – tongue firmly in mouth.

  2. Great picture,,, Lovely cat…

  3. so pretty. love the hues in this.

  4. Cool processing Caryn!

  5. sometimes point and shoot is enough, like here

  6. apparently, he forgot to put his toungue back in.. funny capture.. :)

  7. This picture makes me laugh out loud! It really captures the essence of The Basil, who, as though of us who are lucky enough to spend time with him know, is nothing if not intelligent and poised. Nice one…

  8. PS – I feel like this picture would feature nicely on a greeting or post card.

  9. This is quite a shot. That expression is priceless.

  10. What a funny expression! This reminds me of my cat when I was younger, she always had tongue sticking out like that too. I would touch her tongue, but she didn't like that too much.

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