Ant’s Eye View

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 in Experimental, Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 15 comments

Sometimes I use realistic processing…and sometimes not. Today I went for something fun and jaunty and eye-pleasing: a view of wild Colorado daisies (not their official name) from beneath. To be fair, most of the color and light come from the angle of the sun and my camera; the lomo action I used just enhanced it.

For those who like a little background, these daisies were just down the road from this bee picture. Since they’re pretty short, and my DSLR + macro lens is big, I had to shoot this one blind, putting the lens on auto-focus, then dipping my camera beneath the flowers and taking a bunch of photos from slightly different angles. Many of them came out blurry or strangely cropped since I couldn’t get my eyes behind the camera to see what I was doing, but I had a few that I liked. I was at a mountain biking trail head; I can only imagine what the other people there thought of my weird position.


  1. This turned out really well Caryn. Great perspective

  2. The beautifully defined detail against that softer background, the colour contrasts and use of space all add up to make this a magical image.

  3. Love this!! Love the color..your point-of-view…everything about it!!!

  4. Yep…another one I want to frame and hang in my place. Really cool shot!

  5. lol.. the things we do to get the shot.. :) love it!

  6. Excellent photo and a great collection in your blog, congratulations!

  7. I just love the POV her Caryn! Great processing too.

  8. or you could have laid on the ground. i've done that:-) came out gorgeous. i like the way they're bigger than life.

    • @sherri, You know, I tried that, but my camera and I couldn't both fit under the flower since the flower was short and my camera was big. I've done that before, though, too. It's a fun way of seeing the world.

  9. Love how this turned out. The title is perfect too :)

  10. Love this perspective! I often wonder what people think about the contorted positions I get into to take pictures :)

  11. greate shot. i like the prospective… brava! ciao

  12. Great high contrast shot and colours. Innovative shot too with good angle. It's well worth trying new things like this. Well done :-)

    • @Matt, Thanks! And I agree – you never know what you'll come up with when you experiment. With digital there's nothing lost, either, since it's super easy to just delete, delete, delete…or save in case you can salvage it later.

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