A honeybee sips from a flower in the Colorado mountains between Silverton and Durango. One from the archives, obviously. I recently purchased textures for the first time, and have been playing around. This is one of my first experiments with them.


  1. i guess you were going for the subtle texturing.. i didn't even noticed you used a texture here.. but nonetheless, the capture is superb.. the light is just lovely.. great catch.. :)

    • @rian, Well, I took most of the texture off the bee and the flower, so it's mainly in the background. It felt very obvious to me, but maybe that's because I'm not used to textures. I'd rather have it underdone than over, I guess!

  2. Beautiful clarity and detail.

    • @t. becque, Thanks! This little bugger kept moving, so it took a few attempts to get it.

  3. This is very beautiful. I love the vibrant colors. I would not have thought of using a texture this way – very inspiring.


  4. Great colors, composition and bokeh Caryn. Outstanding shot

  5. Beautiful macro…love the colors.

  6. beautiful shot. The grain is really even and gives it a film look.

  7. Lovely colour and detail in this macro shot

  8. Colours, detail and composition make this such an excellent image. Delightful, Caryn!

  9. Stunning macro, Caryn. Love the fine details, especially the honeybee along with the beautiful flower!

  10. A beautiful melange of colour and that bee is the piece de resistance.

  11. Perfectly bright colors to brighten a dreary winter day. Lovely image

  12. the colors are very vivd, vibrant and warm

  13. fantastic macro, love the colors

  14. Fantastic shot. Love the bokeh and small DOF. Really nice macro you shot here.

  15. Excellent shot, especially with these colours and details.

  16. What a beautiful image Caryn! Great job.

  17. Exquisite macro! Such gorgeous color and detail.

  18. Amazing image – These colors and the light – is just what we need now in the middle of the dark, cold winter!

  19. Lovely processing Caryn!

  20. Thanks for your comments on my texture experiments! I'm still playing around with textures (and looking at others' photoblogs for inspiration). They're so fun! In the meantime, it was nice to post a flower shot in the middle of winter. It was getting a little desolate.

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