Poised Basil

Posted by on Dec 26, 2011 in Cat Obsession, Photography, Portraits | 8 comments

Basil the cat looks out on his domain – in this case, the quilt I made for our bed when I was pregnant with Sunshine.


  1. Awww! So cute :)

  2. He is clever choosing the valuable stuff as his 😉 So cute!

  3. so sweet, and enjoying his nap time

  4. Beautiful shot of this wonderful cat. Looks so cozy and comfortable.

  5. Thanks! Now that we have our daughter, I always forget to take pictures of our cats. Poor guy. At least he doesn't know he's being left out. :-)

  6. classy shot with him(?) lounging around like that.. nicely done.. :)

  7. Hmm… Basil… Sunshine… JK :)

    Awesome shot. I have a Russion Blue also, much greener eyes, though might be hard to tell in this shot with Basil looking into the sun.

  8. wow, he's gorgeous! looks like a king.

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