Backlit Apricot Tree

Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in Experimental, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 21 comments

Apricot tree in our backyard, backlit by the morning sun. This is a new thing for me, as I haven’t played much with backlighting and sun flare. It was a fun experiment that I would definitely try again.


  1. Super composition Caryn. I like how the backlight adds to the tree branches

  2. Great idea to have this already light scene backlit! Works out wonderfully!

  3. it was a great idea to shoot it like this.. beautiful results.. :)

  4. what a marvelous use of the light, normally it would be too much, not in this case

  5. Really like the soft look of this.

  6. Great idea. Wonderful results. Enough details.

  7. Beautiful light Caryn!

  8. Lovely shot!

  9. …thankyou!!

  10. Gorgeous shot!

  11. oh wow, i love the warmth of the sun you captured!! just gorgeous! :)

  12. It's as though I can feel the suns rays. Beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous soft light. Beautiful!

  14. Nice idea backlighting this tree, Caryn. Nice soft look is the result.

  15. apricot trees….such a delicate beauty, those.

    BEAUTIful shot,

    light swimming around each petal

    so thick and sweet.

    I think photographers make the best storytellers;

    maybe because they listen so well

    with their eyes:)

    thanks for the wonderful share,


    • @Jennifer Richardson, What a beautiful response! So poetic.

  16. Thank you for visiting me :-)

    This is such a gorgeous photo, I love the light :-)

  17. It sure keeps you on your toes, Caryn, doesn't it! I bet the apricots are wonderful.

  18. I love it!

  19. Beautiful light and a very pretty result

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