The Simplicity of a Pear

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 17 comments

A bosc pear on a plate. Part two of a two-part series. See the first one, and an explanation, here.


  1. Very cool still life. I want to eat it…

    • @ABarlow, Thanks! I wanted it to look as delicious as it tasted.

  2. Great still life Caryn. Looks juicy and is making me hungary

    • @Len Saltiel, Me, too! Every time I see it I want to eat a pear.

  3. You must know I'm rather fond of the gold/blue combination. This is beautiful.

    • @ken bello, Thanks! I chose both the plate and the pear (and even the table in the background) for the colors.

  4. Super photo!!!! Another great example of why I love your amazing photos 😉

    • @Truels, Awww. Thanks. I can't tell you how good this comment made me feel. It made my day!

  5. makes for a fine still life shot, i like the contrasting colors.. :)

    • @rian, Thanks! I chose the colors very carefully. (Even though they say that blue plates are supposed to suppress the appetite. I haven't found that, but whatever!)

  6. everyday items are worth taking a closer look at, like this pear

    • @Chantal, It's something I don't do enough of, and am trying to do more. It's so easy to overlook everyday beauty, isn't it?

  7. Wonderful idea to slice the pear. I like them both but I really like the mono tone of the second one. Great job Caryn!

    • @Phillip Burrow, Thanks! I'm a sucker for mono, too. I actually noticed the pear after I had sliced it, and that's when it occurred to me to photograph it. I wanted to capture the juice, and those seeds peeking through, so I went for this pear instead of one of the whole ones in our fruit bowl.

  8. So perfectly simple..and simply perfect. Pears make the most wonderful of photographic subjects!

    • @Marcie, Thanks! It's only fitting that something so pretty (flowers) could lead to something equally gorgeous (fruit).

  9. I love this – so sensuous, colors are just terrific and the sensation palpable. I like your page i just visited & i thank you for your visit, see you soon*

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