Flowering Cactus

Posted by on May 3, 2012 in Desert, Monochrome, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 12 comments

A happy cactus in full flower.


  1. Super tones and detail in this Caryn. I'll be in the southwest for

    weeks very soon and this is getting me excited for the trip

    • @Len Saltiel, Thanks! Have a fantastic time in the area! It's a good time. There are some nice flowers out, and it's not TOO hot yet (though it's warming up fast).

  2. an awesome presentation,similar highkey, fantastig result in contrast

    • @fabrizio, Thanks! I wanted to highlight all that texture (especially the spikes), and high contrast seemed the way to go.

  3. This one has a cool look to it. Like it.

  4. great catch! love the range of tones you captured here..

  5. I like this one. Echinocereus. Not a hometown one, though. Arizona maybe?

    • @Katie, Great catch! Just outside of Tucson. I'm always so impressed when you fling around the Latin names of plants.

  6. the sepia or B&W makes it even hard to see what it is… nice one Caryn

    • @Chantal, That was my fear, but I wanted to highlight the texture, and since I had a color one a few days later I went with this one. I'm a huge sucker for black and white.

  7. I love the light sepia tone on this and the detail is fantastic.

  8. excellent grey tonality and framing

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