Plunking Rocks II

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Photography, Portraits, Water | 10 comments

Sunshine plunking rocks into a nearby creek. The second in a series of two. The first is here.


  1. This is just WAY too cute, Caryn :) Well done!

    • @Eden, Thanks! The camera was a last-minute addition as we were on our way out the door for a play date. I saw the sun was just right, I liked the contrast on her shirt, and had been meaning to take a few more pictures anyway.

  2. it was a good decision to take the cam.. 😉 nice capture!

    • @rian, The light was perfect, and I knew we'd be a little early. I couldn't resist!

  3. Wonderful shot Caryn!

  4. To be a child again, sigh

    • @Chantal, Wouldn't it be nice? Though I'm sure Sunshine would love to be an adult so she could do whatever she wanted, right?

  5. So very sweet!!!

  6. Nice shot of her concentration of the nice stones…. :-)

  7. Wonderful! I like this scene very much. Great framing, and you caught here with her mind totally occupied with what she's doing. Kids being kids, they always make for fun and beautiful images.

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