Sunlit Peach

Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 17 comments

While we may not have any cherries this year, our peach tree is very happy. Once again, I played with the morning sunlight, using it to highlight the peach.


  1. sure is a nice shot of this peach, lighting's just great.. :)

    • @rian, Thanks! I waited until the morning light was at the right angle, then went out to do my shoot. (That's much earlier than it was even a month ago!)

  2. Nice use of the light Caryn. The detail on the fuzz is great

    • @Len Saltiel, Thanks! I love that little baby peaches are fuzzy, too!

  3. Real use of shallow DOF and backlight. Very nice.

    • @Nick, Thanks! I wanted some fun bokeh, so I used my macro lens.

  4. Our peach crop will be non-existent this year, so I'm glad someone will have a good crop. Great photo too!

    • @ken bello, What a disappointment! Our apricots and cherries fizzled. I hope you'll get some other fruit, at least (or maybe some neighbors can give you some).

  5. Great job with the light Caryn!

  6. Caryn, this is an amazing photo. I love the sunlight on the peach, very well done

  7. I like the light that is coming from the back of the fruit and the light balance

  8. nice light … !

  9. The peach reminds me of a tennis ball!

    • @Margie, LOL! I had not thought of it that way until you mentioned it, but you are SO right! It does look like a tennis ball hanging right there on the tree, both because of the fuzz and the color.

  10. Thanks! I had to practice some serious gymnastics to get the angle just right – under the other branches, in front of this one, sun peeking through the leaves. A very fun challenge.

  11. love the glow around the peach, cool backlight

  12. Another nice summer photo, the backlight and the wonderful green makes me dream of summer temperatures again….

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