Artsy Apricot Flowers

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 11 comments

It’s been too windy here for good macros lately, and that’s what I’m in the mood to play with right now, so I pulled this one from my archives and worked it up. And since I was indeed in the mood to play, I did an artsy treatment with it as opposed to a more realistic one. Too bad this flower never yielded any fruit. Too much wind? Frost? At least it was pretty while it lasted.


  1. looks good to me.. :) very nice treatment..

  2. Very nice indeed!

  3. Really like your processing Caryn. Nicely captured

  4. creative presentation with a brillint result

  5. Skilful and interesting rendering of the apricot blooms. Such wonderful details against the light background!

  6. a very pleasant presentation in this clean white look

  7. This is so lovely.

  8. nice to pull out those beauties from the old archives!

  9. Exquisitely beautiful detail!

  10. A wonderful image, Caryn. This is just so aesthetically pleasing.

  11. @Andrew Graeme Gould, Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for (as opposed to realistic or detailed). Sometimes it's fun just to create something and not worry about staying true to the original.

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