Baby Praying Mantis

Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Wildlife | 29 comments

"Baby Praying Mantis" by Caryn Caldwell

I took a picture of this little one yesterday afternoon in our day lilies. It was fascinated by my camera lens and kept trying to get closer, turning its head to look more carefully. Lots of fun to photograph this one, though I must say baby praying mantises are TINY! Focusing wasn’t easy, especially when the breeze kept blowing the day lilies around.


  1. WoW! What a great angle.

  2. All you need is a tiny bit of sharpness around the eyes and you can have a great photo. This certainly qualifies.

  3. a very good result. i'm glad i can't see the details. they creep me out:-)

  4. beautifully done

  5. What a superb Macro Caryn… the detail and colour are spectacular… thank you for your visit today…

    you missed my shot of the eclipse of Venus that i posted the day before:)….peter:)

  6. oh gosh it's soooo cute!! never thought i would say such a thing, but you guys had a moment for sure :) xoxox

  7. Wow I just love the DOF! (or lack of it) What a wonderful shot Caryn.

  8. WOW…amazing macro…perfect focus!

  9. absolutely gorgeous :)

  10. How fun for you…and now us, Caryn.

  11. incredible photo!!!! wooo fantastic

  12. Love that shallow depth of field and that little curious face popping

    up from all the green! Beautiful capture!

  13. An absolutely beautiful photo.. Just gorgeous!

  14. Have to say you've got a great handle on the small things in life, some excellent shots in these pages.

  15. The shallow DOF gives this wonderful capture a fascinating, mysterious feel. I have not seen a praying mantis in 2012 yet.

  16. Your images are a delight to behold. Wonderful macro work!

  17. Wow, a super portrait!

  18. You've captured this little creature just perfectly, Caryn. And if ever an insect could be cute, this is it!

  19. a difficult portrait

  20. a fine one, as always

  21. this is one gorgeous shot you got there, the depth is really what gets me.. 😀

  22. She emerges, in all the senses of the word – beautiful & poetic.

  23. Thanks for or visit. Beautiful macros in your blog. Good day

  24. Adorable little guy!

  25. stunning macro!

  26. That's a pretty sweet POV. I'm digging the Shallow DOF, getting just the head in focus :)

  27. Wow, Caryn. This is an awesome shot. Great job on the focus, the DoF is really nice.

  28. We've had SOOOO many of these little guys all over the yard. They aren't as easy as they look as photographic subjects, either.

  29. @Katie, So it's not just us? They love our day lilies! This little guy was fun to photograph, but he did keep moving a lot, and since he was tiny – just a baby – it was so hard to keep him in focus.

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