Bee in Purple Flower

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"Bee in Purple Flower" by Caryn Caldwell

These purple flowers didn’t last long, but while they thrived the neighborhood bees were very happy.


  1. ..and photographers were very happy too.. ;D great catch!

    • @rian, LOL! So true! I was very happy. And so sad when they withered, because I was hoping for another photo shoot a few days later. Next year!

  2. Stunning macro!

  3. I have commented on the purple “theme” on many photo blogs today. Great macro shot Caryn.

  4. Excellent detail and colors Caryn

  5. WoW! Nice colors and detail.

  6. I love it, nice colors too

  7. This macro is wonderful – so fine colors and light. A real summer photo!

  8. WOW! fantastic photo.

  9. Thanks! I tried this from a bunch of different angles, but this was my favorite of the lot.

  10. Bee utiful shot, Caryn. Very nice macro work.

  11. I like how there are nice, blurry yellows in the background that complement the bee. Really cool pic!

  12. That is a wonderful shot of the little guy at work.

  13. delicate macro interpretation with this focus, pleasant rendering of colors in background, i like it

  14. Great work! Amazing photos! Congrats!

  15. OT, thanks so much for Pinning me at Pinterest, I feel honored

  16. Awesome Macro!!!! I dig it. :)

  17. absolutely professional work – a perfect image

  18. dang …. its like a watercolor!

  19. Amazing photograph! Excellent details and colors!

  20. beautiful macro

  21. fabulous bokeh

  22. What a wonderful image! The colours and detail make this truly amazing!

  23. Bees in purple flowers are pure perfection, aren't they!

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