Cactus from Above

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Desert, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 24 comments

"Cactus from Above" by Caryn Caldwell


  1. Terrific details and composition Carym

  2. Great shot, Caryn. Needle sharp (LOL)

  3. prickly or juicy

  4. An amazing and beautiful structure in this cactus!

  5. Whow that's amazing! Never looked at it that way! 😀 Didn't see what it was until I decided to read the title 😀

  6. Cool shot Caryn! I really I like your style. It makes for some very beautiful and interesting images.

  7. @Phillip Burrow, Thanks! I'm so glad you like them. Just when I was feeling uninspired and uncreative, too! I really like your pictures, too, and the way you approach them more like a story or an essay. Really interesting and fun!

  8. @Laura Abigail, Thanks! I figured there are lots of pictures of cactus out there. I wanted to do something different.

  9. @Truels, Thanks! Aren't they so elegantly built? I love cactus. The spots of color, the way they catch the light, their symmetry, the texture. So fun to capture!

  10. @Chantal, Prickly, definitely, but juicy inside. :-)

  11. @ken bello, LOL! Good thing I was approaching it with a camera instead of my fingers! (And, yes, I had a filter on the lens just in case, but no scratching happened.)

  12. @Len Saltiel, Thanks, Len! I was going for something a little different. Plus, there was some really nice evening light, and I wanted just the right angle so I could capture it.

  13. nice strong light in this awesome catch

    • @fabrizio, Thanks! It was some nice evening light, and I loved the way it lit up the spines.

  14. Una bonita captura con una luz y difinición excelente.


  15. fantastic pattern!

  16. What an intricate construction! Good eye!

    • @Arjan – PlasticDaisy, Thanks! I love the way cactuses are put together. I think they're very pretty.

  17. looks like a big ball of hurt.. ;D great catch!

    • @rian, LOL! I've had friends who have fallen on cactus and, yes, it is very painful! I'm clumsy, but I try not to get to close so I don't fall on them. Photos being an exception to the getting-close rule, of course. 😀

  18. Watch where you pic

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