Silhouette of a Bee Inside a Flower

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"Silhouette of a Bee Inside a Flower" by Caryn Caldwell

As I took pictures of this flower, which was lit up by the morning sun, a bee landed on it, then crawled inside. Taken in a wetlands area outside of Breckenridge, Colorado, just below Quandary Peak.


  1. What a catch! This is wonderful and a nice change from the 'normal' insect-on-flower shots I see.

    • @Arjan – PlasticDaisy, Thanks! I like the traditional approach, too, but it's fun to do something different.

  2. This is an excellent super-shot! The flower, the light and the background frames the bee perfect.

  3. I love this shot, Caryn! I especially appreciate the clandestine element of the moment you caught.

  4. the sunlight makes it almost look transparent

    • @Chantal, That's actually what I was capturing at first – the way the sunlight turned the flower transparent, so you could see all the veins. But when the bee landed inside, the photo was made.

  5. Awesome shot! Ten points for originality (I can't stop staring at it).

  6. Wow – this is a once in a lifetime shot!

    • @Margie, What made it so fun, too, was that I wasn't even trying! Aren't those the best, when everything just falls into place?

  7. What a wonderful and exceptional capture!

  8. Hi Caryn… i just looked up your ray of sunshine and she is beautiful and i respect that you reserve her rights to be on the Internet…

    Now!! i love your flower with the silhouette of the bee inside… the sun was your friend for this fabulous shot….peter:)

    • @….peter:), Thanks for your comments on Sunshine and on the flower. I'm sure someday Sunshine will have her own Facebook profile, or whatever is popular in 15 years, but for now I try to minimize her exposure.

  9. wow, what a masterpiece! well seen and captured

    • @yz, Thanks! I didn't even really know what it would look like until I got home. It was too small to really see on my camera screen.

  10. joli jeu d'ombre et de lumiere

  11. Sometimes we are "sent" somewhere to take a photo, but it doesn't really happen until all intended elements are assigned and in place as ordered. The bee arrived at precisely the right time, and you worked your photographic magic. It's just so nice to be in the right place at the right time. Thanks for sharing this one! It's lovely.

    • @Phil Vaughn, I so agree! Isn't that a wonderful feeling, when a photo just happens like that? Almost as satisfying as spending forever setting up a shot that finally, finally works.

  12. Outstanding shot.

  13. i believe i haven't seen something quite like this yet! 😀 great catch!

    • @rian, I don't think I have, either, which kind of surprises me, actually.

      • @Caryn Caldwell, Of course, once I start looking I'm sure shots like this will be everywhere! You know how that goes.

  14. This is a GREAT photo, Caryn! It's amazing what one can sometimes capture, even just accidentally! :)

  15. 'I think God gets pissed off if you walk by the colour purple in a field and don't take notice'… this is such a beautiful picture, i love the quality of the light!

    • @Elaine-, LOL! I totally agree! Purple is meant to be captured and enjoyed.

  16. That is absolutely outstanding.

  17. This is just superb, Caryn! The overall composition is very pleasing, but it's the originality of this image, and the way you have the bee perfectly placed that it's totally amazing!

    • @Andrew Graeme Gould, Thanks! It was one of those lucky, one-time-only shots that just happened to work out. I didn't even know if it worked or not until I got home a couple of weeks later and uploaded everything because it was too small to see on my DSLR screen.

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