Cross-Processed Daisies

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"Cross-Processed Daisies" by Caryn Caldwell

And, while I’m posting photos I took in a flower-filled wetlands with only my zoom lens, I thought I’d add this one. I’ve never used cross-processing before, but have been dying to try it ever since it came back on my radar a few weeks ago. This was done with Coffee Shop Blog’s cross-processing action, plus a few tweaks of my own. I also took this silhouette shot of a bee inside a flower and this shot of purple daisies while sitting in roughly the same spot – along  a roadside, chatting with my sister-in-law, looking (in vain) for bears.


  1. even not the most perfect ones are beautiful

    • @Chantal, I agree! In fact, the ones that aren't perfect are the ones I often find myself drawn to. Those little imperfections hold so much more character.

  2. The pleasure of summer

  3. Beautiful composition! Funny – looking at it you've created a lot of ACTION, like the daisies are moving and turning a lot………..!

    • @Truels, I kind of felt that, too! I think it's the shape of the daisies, which just grew like that and weren't influenced by the wind at all. They kind of have that blown-back look, though. And something about using the zoom lens for closeups makes the background seem splashier and more active somehow.

  4. I like the treatment and the composition.

  5. well, this one works really well, it's as if they're bracing themselves against the wind! nice work!

    • @rian, Thanks! They were more centered, but I moved the crop to the side, and it felt like it heightened that feeling a bit.

  6. Simply stunning! The cross-processing really works here!

    • @Marcie, Thanks! I've never used cross-processing before, but I think I'll play with it some more.

  7. another beautiful pic!

  8. The subject/background contrast and the use of space makes this a fabulous image!

    • @Andrew Graeme Gould, Thanks! That's exactly why I put the flowers on the edge of the frame instead of centering them or zooming in more.

  9. I would be weird if someone with a website named as it is, would not comment on this image 😉 An image I like very much by the way!

    • @Arjan – PlasticDaisy, LOL! We can't have that. Glad you like the photo.

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