Sliced Pear

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"Sliced Pear" by Caryn Caldwell

Actions: Colorplay by Florabella Collection Perfect Color (toned down) + Wildheart + Summer Peach + Dramarama (toned down)

I am in love! These actions just came out, and I convinced hubby to get them for me for our anniversary. Okay, I strong-armed him into okaying the purchase under the guise of our anniversary. Two minutes later I had paid for them, begun the download, and opened the photos I wanted to play with (including this one from an April session. Note: See the others in this series here and here.)

(Another note: Happy anniversary, honey!)

I was afraid these would be redundant with my other actions, but they are not. The Perfect Color action really is what it claims. For a good, basic, beautiful, and easy processing job, one go of this action makes a wonderful photo. Nothing else necessary. (Though the individual layers sometimes need adjustment, of course, depending on the photo. In the above case, I toned the whole set down because I knew I’d be doing other things with it.)

The best part, though? Colorplay comes with many different actions  – and the ability to run them all at once, with all the layers turned off. Just go into your pallet, turning the various actions on and off, mixing and matching and playing. I can spend forever doing this. The results are different with every photo, making for endless experimentation.

I highly recommend it!


  1. Perfect colour sounds about right – the colours in this are beautiful.

    • @Journey Photographic, The actions are aptly named indeed! I've been happy with every photo I've used them on.

  2. Very nice result Caryn. That pear looks good enough for me to head to the market to get one.

    • @Len Saltiel, There's something about just looking at pears that makes me hungry for them, too! They just LOOK delicious.

  3. simple and very effective composition

    • @yz, Thanks! Pears are so pretty by themselves that I didn't want to do something to distract from this one.

  4. Thank you so much, Caryn! I'm so happy you love them! Thanks for the lovely review & for sharing your beautiful work!!! ♥

  5. pretty cool! it sure came out nicely.. :)

  6. Nice little purchase. Things like this help keep the creative juices flowing. Nice work.

    • @ken bello, I agree – that's definitely important, isn't it, to do something to feed your creativity? :-)

  7. I love pear in combination with warm goat cheese and walnuts

    • @Chantal, Ha! Poor, poor pear, sitting there, about to be eaten… 😀

      Actually, that sounds delicious!

  8. Nice shot and light, I like that plate too :)

    • @ABarlow, Thanks! We've had those plates since we got married. They were from Bed, Bath and Beyond. We really like them.

  9. S U P E R !!!

  10. I love the way you composed this image – So simple – and so beautiful. Nice work, Caryn!

    • @Truels, Thanks! That's exactly what I wanted from this one: simplicity.

  11. What an attractive composition, Caryn!

    • @Andrew Graeme Gould, Thanks! I tried a bunch of different angles, just to see what would work, but I thought this one showed the grace of the pear, so it's the one I used.

  12. Simple yet very effective the combination of colours is sublime.

  13. Amazing color Caryn. It is always fun to get new toys!

    • @Phillip Burrow, I agree – new toys are the best! Especially when they're photography-related. :-)

  14. you must know i love this

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