Fallen Leaf II

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 11 comments

"Fallen Leaf, Cross-Processed" by Caryn Caldwell

Same leaf, different angle, this time cross-processed with a hint of pink toning.  (Thanks to Coffee Shop Blog.) The grass was just a little wet, hence the round bokeh in the background.


  1. Nice details and selective focus Caryn

  2. love the delicious yellow hue

    • @sherri, Thanks! That's exactly what drew me to this particular leaf.

  3. this one is more dreamy to me

    • @Chantal, That's exactly what I was going for – one more realistic, and one all dreamy.

  4. Another trade mark shot, love the palette

    • @shooter, Thanks! I had fun changing angles as I shot and seeing what kinds of colors I could get, especially with those water droplets shining in the sunlight.

  5. yeah, those circular bokehs are pretty cool.. :) nice capture!

    • @rian, Thanks! Bokeh is so much fun, isn't it? Probably my favorite part of playing with macro shots.

  6. Those colour tones really look great in this shot! Also really love the bokeh :)

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