Fallen Leaf

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 24 comments

"Fallen Leaf" by Caryn Caldwell

Autumn is coming.


  1. Nice yellows. Love your shallow DOF.

    • @Nick, Thanks! it was the yellow of the leaf that made me look at it in the first place.

  2. Sweet bokeh and color in this.

    • @ABarlow, Thanks! Macro lenses are wonderful, aren't they?

  3. an exceptional shot. love the soft color palette.

    • @sherri, Thanks! I'm excited to get to play with autumn colors (though I'm sure I'll be missing spring in no time).

  4. very nice shot!

    well, it's about time.. 😉

    • @rian, LOL! I'm ready for the cooler fall temperatures, too.

  5. Noooo! It can't be fall already!

    • @Katie, Yup! Just about, at least. Though you probably won't get much winter where you are, so you can really savor the fall.

  6. Love it! I wish I could have one to hang in my office. I feel like it's a picture that one could sit and look at and contemplate. :)

    • @Jen, Thanks! Email me if you want me to send you a higher-resolution copy.

  7. the light is so bright and smooth

    • @Chantal, Thanks! It's so fun to play with morning light, isn't it?

  8. beautiful lightness and lovely colors

    • @fabrizio, Thanks! And thanks for sharing it on Twitter, too.

  9. Wonderful image Caryn!

    • @Phillip Burrow, Thanks! It was fun to do something in my own front yard.

  10. Nice shot with fine dof and lovely light (almost spring!) colors 😉

    • @Truels, Thanks! And, yes, yellow always makes me think of spring, too, even when it's on autumn leaves.

  11. Wonderful Bokeh (DoF) :-)

    • @CherryPie, Thanks! I love bokeh. I think it can make or break a picture. It's one of my favorite aspects of shooting with a macro lens.

  12. Wonderful and very delicate! You got so close in there, and I like the crackling fresh grass.

    • @Arjan -PlasticDaisy, Thanks! I took the photo in my front yard. I'm sure any passing neighbors were like, "What on earth is she doing?" as I squirmed around on the grass, trying to get the best angle on the leaf.Then again, they're probably used to it by now.

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