Flower Looking Up

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"Flower Looking Up" by Caryn Caldwell

Taken in the mountains between Durango and Colorado. One of my favorite late summer flowers, this time with the sun and a developing thunderstorm behind/above.



  1. this is really beautiful, lovely light & colors. :)

    • @rian, Thanks! I just love how deeply red and orange these flowers can be, even in the heat of summer or the chill of fall.

  2. I love the color and detail in this, Caryn. It's beautiful.

    • @ken bello, Thanks! I wanted to show how the sun highlights different details from this angle.

  3. almost transparent, I like the idea

    • @Chantal, It was a high sun shining down through the flower – and me shooting from underneath. Made it much more transparent.

  4. Cool perspective!

    • @Jen, Thanks! I took so many pictures of these flowers that I had to try from a new angle, just to mix things up a bit.

  5. This is my kind of picture such a beautiful flower.

    • @shooter, Thanks! I'm a big fan of these flowers. So pretty and happy and colorful.

  6. such a pretty flower, love the colour combo, God must have had candy corn in mind :) well shot, beautiful light and angle of view…

    • @Elaine-, I didn't even think of that, but it does look like candy corn! That makes these flowers especially fitting for the season.

  7. I love the intense colouring, light and details of the petals.

    • @CherryPie, Thanks! The light was just perfect when I went looking for flowers to photograph. It was a lucky afternoon.

  8. I'll agree with you that some of the best flower pictures are taken looking upward. As you pointed out, things can become translucent and reveal details not seen as well (or at all) from above.

    • @Steve Schwartzman, True. Plus I think it's fun to see the same, old thing from a new angle.

  9. Excellent shots Caryn and a great collection in your blog, congratulations!

    • @yvan, Thanks! I post new photos every Monday and Thursday. :-)

  10. You captured the transparency of those leaves so well! I like the angle and the detail is just amazing. Well done!

    • @Arjan -PlasticDaisy, Thanks! When I looked down on them or across them they were a solid color. It was cool to see what happened when I tried a different angle.

  11. Stunning..happy..uplifting color. Love it!

    • @Marcie, Thanks! It makes me happy to know you found it a happy image!

  12. That is simply lovely.

  13. love the light and the fine details

    • @yz, Thanks! I was surprised by how many details the sun brought out when I changed my angle. Natural light is a marvelous thing.

  14. nice and clever point of view

  15. This has such a beautiful quality about it, and the use of negative space has produced a perfectly balanced composition.

  16. what a fine image. the backlighting and low angle are exceptional.

  17. Fantastic colors!

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