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"Peek!" by Caryn Caldwell

A praying mantis on our day lilies.


  1. marvelous, well spotted

    • @Chantal, Thanks! This little guy was tiny – just a baby – but it was so cute I had to get a picture.

  2. Wonderful macro shot Caryn!

  3. He's an itty-bitty mantis! I don't know why they like day lilies, but there were quite a few 'new' mantises hanging out in mine in Moab, too.

    • @Katie, He is! He was just a baby. And they liked yours, too? We've found them all over our flower boxes, but they seem to like the day lilies best.

  4. Good capture – and a fitting title :)

  5. now that's awesome! you captured it at the right moment! well done!

    • @rian, Thanks! It was so hard to get, since the little guy (girl?) kept moving and the light was low, so I was glad to finally get one that worked.

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