Aspen and Mountains

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"Aspen and Mountains" by Caryn Caldwell

Aspen trees glowing in the setting sun, with cloud-shrouded mountains behind them. Processed with a toned-down version of Pioneer Woman’s Old West action for a little different effect.

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  1. Great shot, Caryn. You'll get lots of comments on this one!

  2. pure fall colors

    • The aspen trees turn so yellow here. Autumn is beautiful and, as you said, so purely colorful.

  3. Gorgeous colors Caryn. I love the fall.

    • Thanks, Len! I love the fall, too. Such gorgeous colors, and finally an excuse for hot chocolate.

  4. SO beautiful – autumn when it's best :-) – the grey mountains are a perfect background for these wonderful colors.

    • I waited forever to get the lighting just right in this one, with the aspen lit up by the sun and the mountains behind in shadow, for just that contrast.

  5. A wonderful landscape picture

  6. now this is stunning.. really great shot.. :)

    • Thanks, Rian! It was such a beautiful day up there. I HAD to come away with something, right? 😉

  7. j'aime ces couleurs de l'automne

  8. Great colors in this great shot. Nicely done, Caryn.

    • Thanks, Jimi! I waited forever to get the lighting just right. Other than the chill in the air, it was a very pleasant – and gorgeous – wait. :-)

  9. Beautiful photo. We have several groves of aspens in our yard, and they just seem to glow on a sunny fall day!

    • Aren't they amazing, Margie? When the sun hits them just right, they light up. I love the sound of their quaking little leaves in the breeze, too.

  10. Gorgeous colour contrasts in this beautiful composition, Caryn!

    • Thanks, Andrew! I wanted the mountains in shadow and the trees in the light in order to capture that exact contrast.

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