Jumbled Groundcover

Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 11 comments

"Jumbled Groundcover" by Caryn Caldwell


  1. nice dof control.. that withered flower makes for a fine subject.. :)

    • Thanks! It's another flowerbox shot that I'm sure the neighbors thought I was very strange for taking! :-)

  2. Very nice POV, Caryn. And the shallow depth of field leads your eye right to the flower.

  3. Amazing DOF this one

    • Thanks, Chantal! Yet another time my macro lens came in handy. Sometimes I think I use it more than any other lens.

  4. Great composition! And yes, the DOF works really fine in this image.

    • Thanks! I played around with a lot of different angles and all sorts of flowers, but this was the one that seemed to work best.

  5. Wonderful shot Caryn, nice composition!

  6. beautiful !!!!!!

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