Leaf Pile in Black & White

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"Leaf Pile in Black & White" by Caryn Caldwell

A pile of leaves found in an aspen forest near here. The water droplets are from a light rain that passed through shortly before I arrived – a storm that was still clinging to the nearby mountains.


  1. Wow! Beautiful and surreal!!

  2. i really dig the crispness of this shot, nice capture.. :)

    • Thanks! I was trying to get lots of details without it being overwhelming. Kind of hard to get those details, though, since I kept shivering in the cold! :-)

  3. Wow – this is a nice (art)work in black and white, Caryn :-)

    • Thanks! I thought it'd be fun to do something artsier for a change.

  4. The B&W brings out the beautiful detail and texture. Very nice.

    • That's exactly what I was aiming for! I loved the texture of the leaves, and all those details, but the fall colors overwhelmed the photo. Problem solved with black & white. :-)

  5. I like it but miss fall colors in it

    • LOL! Somehow I wasn't surprised by your comment, Chantal. 😀 I had so much color in my recent photos, that I was intentionally looking for one to turn bw. This one seemed to work well for that, because the colors were a little overwhelming, and I wanted to show the details and the shapes of the leaves. But then again, I'm always a sucker for black & whites, and I know not everyone is.

  6. What a cool shot. I really enjoy seeing nature differently through your eyes.

    • Thanks! I think that's one of the best things about visiting everybody's blogs – seeing how they all interpret things. I like your views, too. :-)

  7. creative and inspiring work

    • Thanks! I wanted to do something a little different from my previous leaf shots.

  8. Very striking, indeed. Beautiful presentation.

  9. This is a really striking and beautiful image!

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