Mountain Peak in Autumn

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"Mountain Peak in Autumn" by Caryn Caldwell

Happy autumn! This one seemed an appropriate one to post for the first day of October. (Speaking of the calendar, how is it already October?!?) I took this one up in the mountains a few days ago after my husband pointed out that the aspens were at their peak yellowness. Thanks, hubby!


  1. Wonderful colors Caryn. Can't believe you have this amount of change already. We still have about 10 days before the colors get dramatic. Can't wait.

    • @Len Saltiel, I'm always stunned by how early the autumn colors come here, because I'm used to having them in mid-October. (That's how it was in the Midwest, where I grew up.) Every year I plan to take pictures of the autumn leaves, and every year I miss them because I expect them later. It took my husband saying, "Uh. Don't you want to go take some pictures?" to get me to look up to the higher elevations and realize what was going on.

      Enjoy your leaves when they turn!

  2. oh man! i wish we had scenery like that down here.. 😀 gorgeous shot! :)

    • @rian, It takes about 45 minutes to drive up to this scenery, but it's definitely worth it. The good thing is, you have some cool things where you live, too!

  3. This is an amazing photo, Caryn: The composition is just perfect with the mountain surrounded by these womnderful autumn colors!

    • @Truels, Thanks! I spent forever framing this one, then waiting for the light to be just right. (The sun kept ducking in and out of clouds.) I got it just in time, too, because the light was fading.

  4. Great image, Caryn. Looks like you're off to a great Autumn season.

    • @ken bello, Thanks! I do love autumn, although I'm a little sad about the coming winter. Hope you're having a great fall, too!

  5. Really like the framing with the trees…so pretty! Luckily, it gets gorgeous here too, so I'm enjoying the season change thoroughly!

    • @Jen, Thanks, Jen! I moved all over until I could get the composition just right. I think for this one I was actually sitting down so I could get the angle I wanted.

  6. one of the reasons I love fall, the colors

    • I agree! It's one of the best parts! That and it's a good excuse to drink hot chocolate.

  7. wow Caryn, you outdid yourself with this one!

    • Thanks! It was such a gorgeous day in the mountains. I was determined to walk away with something I could post!

  8. Great colors. This is the time of year when living at the beach in NC leaves me wanting more color.

    • Yes! I can definitely see how you'd want the variety. Though living near the ocean is pretty good consolation, and NC has some gorgeous hills/mountains, doesn't it? It's really a very pretty state.

  9. Been wondering the same, time's flying isn't it 😀 That really is a stunning shot! I love those clouds covering the top of the mountain! Over here it doesn't look like autumn yet, everything's still pretty green :) x

    • Thanks, Laura! The clouds kept coming and going (though they did like that particular mountain peak a lot). How cool that everything is still green there, and you have the anticipation of fall, which is almost as fun as the real thing.

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