You Ever Have a Day Like This?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Desert, Photography, Portraits | 10 comments

"Sand Hugger" by Caryn Caldwell

I couldn’t resist taking this shot of our friend’s daughter a few weeks ago. Despite looking bereft, she and Sunshine were actually having a terrific time playing in this soft, sandy spot out in the desert.


  1. it's like she's really thankful to be on solid ground again after a grueling flight / boat ride.. 😀 nice catch!

  2. I do, but try to forget it a.s.a.p.

  3. I think I just had a week like this… great shot!

  4. Haha I sure do! She's playing ostrich? :)

    • Looks like it, doesn't it? She just kind of flopped over, and came up with a faceful of sand. She was smiling, though, so she's happier than it would seem.

  5. Maybe she's part ostrich…?

    • LOL! Yes, that's entirely possible. Actually, that would serve her handy right now, with all the political ads. You know, if she were old enough to pay attention to any of them in the first place…

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