A Girl and Her Cat

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"Girl and Cat" by Caryn Caldwell

There’s a special connection between a little girl and her cat. Here Sunshine and Rosie sit side-by-side in our family room, facing away from me, leaning against a window and looking out into the backyard. Sunshine talks softly while Rosie meows in return. Their discussion is a mystery, but they are enjoying their connection and are at peace.

By the way, I finally have an iPod with a camera and I’m now on Instagram (which, yes, I signed up for the day my iPod arrived.) I’d love to be friends if you’re on there, too. Either leave your address in the comments of this post or follow me at http://instagram.com/caryncaldwell so I know how to find you.

Disclaimer: I’m still pretty new at taking photos, editing them, and posting them with Instagram, but I’m learning more every day and having a great time experimenting. Let’s have fun together!

And, for kicks, anyone who’s been on Instagram (or even Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest) lately should enjoy this Nickleback parody. I admit I’m guilty of a few of these…


  1. What a unique shot, Caryn. For me, the visual appeal here is the suggestion of relationship. And then there are the contrasting textures, too.

    • They have a very good relationship — well, when Sunshine isn’t trying to boss her kitty around. (She feels that if she must listen to her parents, then the kitties must listen to her. The kitties respectfully — and sometimes disrespectfully — disagree.)

  2. Wonderful shot here, Caryn. Looks like a fun time.

    I am not on Instagram yet but feel inspired to establish a presence. Will look you up after doing so.

    • Thanks! I very strongly recommend it. It’s hard not to have all the special layers and actions and tools of Photoshop available, but there really is something freeing about taking a picture of whatever’s around you, making the picture square, applying a fun filter, and sharing it with the rest of the world. I’ve found it very nice, especially since I tend to be a big perfectionist with my photos. Plus it’s a fun way to see what others are doing — very inspiring! (For example, this evening I was inspired to eat chocolate three different times based on friends’ pictures… :-D)

      And, yes, if you go on I’d love to follow you! I enjoy your photos, and I bet they’d be just as fun in a new medium. The link to my profile stopped working because I changed my user name, but I fixed it now.

  3. awh, so precious and the color palette is exquisite

    • Thanks Sherri! I played with the colors a lot to get them just right. I ended up with three different saved photos before I decided on one I was happy with (and even then I tweaked it some.) Mostly I used Florabella’s ColorPlay action set, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Amazing!! I also warmed it slightly because the actions I used took away some of the golden sunlight. Thanks for letting me know that it worked for you!

  4. i got excited as soon as i saw the title, and the mystery unraveled as the picture loaded, but not completely, you wonder what secrets they are sharing :) i love animals

    • I’m still mystified as to what they were talking about, but they seemed to be deep in conversation so I didn’t get too close other than to take a picture. (Only got one!) Oh, and in case some of the mystery was in my explanation of it all, I went back and clarified it in the first paragraph. Hope it helps a little. I know what’s going on the picture, of course, because I took it, but I want everyone else to know, too, or else there’s no point in sharing. :-)

      • i love it, lol it’s so easy to love animals with all your heart, easier than people… for me anyway lol

        • I agree! Animals are often much easier to connect with, and they rarely hold grudges. It’s nice to be with a creature who expects so little, who forgives with a few soft pats and gentle words, and who never intentionally sets out to do harm. Plus it’s pretty difficult not to love a soft, purry creature who curls up on your lap and gives you those pleading, pet-me eyes.

  5. So soft and precious, I love it…

  6. I have no smartphone or iphone – but I love this photo!!! It is beautiful – and shows so much feelings.

    • Thanks! They are really sweet together.

      I admit, the camera was a main reason I wanted the iPod, though it was so nice when I went back to my DSLR the other day.

  7. This is beautiful. So softly evocative.

  8. Wonderful moment so well captured Caryn

    • Thanks, Len! I was so glad I had my camera handy when I looked over and saw them like that.

  9. A superb image which tell a wonderful story Caryn! Well done

  10. Lovely image. I really love this.

  11. sweet …. a nice little moment

    • Thanks, CrashRyan! It’s always fun to find those little moments, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s easy to be so busy that we don’t even notice them — or maybe that’s just me? :-)

  12. that sure is a cute moment captured between them.. nicely done!

    yeah, i just followed you.. ;D i mostly use instagram for posting booze shots = #boozetagram lol..

    • Yay! Thanks, Rian! I followed you, too. Things like that are more fun when your friends are on there. And, hey, the idea is to post stuff you like, right? (By the way, love the hashtag #boozetagram! LOL indeed!)

  13. This is such a sweet shot, filled with light and love :)

  14. Une photo fabuleuse avec une légère touche vintage, c’est beau, du bon travail photographique !

  15. What a sweet picture Caryn! I certainly hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks, Phillip! And, yes, our Christmas was wonderful. Hope yours was amazing, too!

  16. Wow you captured that special connection so well! I love how close you got here. Wonderful!

    • Thanks! They really do have a special connection. It’s so great to see.

  17. Happy New Year!!!
    See you soon, in 2013!
    ♥♥♥ Hugs ♥♥♥

    • Hi Leo! Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for the good wishes. :-)

  18. Me gusta los tonos que has empleado en la toma, muy bonita la foto.

    Feliz año 2013.


    • Muchas gracias, Bernardo! Y feliz año 2013 a ti, tambien!

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