Frosted Apricot Tree at Dawn

Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Mountains, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 21 comments


The sun rises over the mountains, touching our frost-tipped apricot tree.


  1. i like the mood you were able to capture here.. :)

    • Thanks, Rian! Is the mood “super cold and tired?” Because that would describe how I felt when I took it. 😀

  2. Wonderful image Caryn!

  3. mmm … a nice winter mood ….

    • Thanks! Winter does have its advantages. An 8 a.m. sunrise being one of them. 😀

  4. A beautiful image, Caryn, for the composition, and what it subtly suggests.

  5. Oh, such gorgeous pics–I had to share this one on Pinterest (made sure to attribute you, Caryn). Let me know if that’s not okay–but I figured since you had a Pinterest button it was!

    • Yay! Thank you, Conda! I love to be pinned! Thanks for letting me know, too, because not only did it make my evening, but I also don’t know if I would have known if you hadn’t pointed it out, since I haven’t been on Pinterest much lately. I’ve been trying to get these revisions done, and you know how Pinterest gets — once you’re on there, it’s SO hard to get off!

      • Oh yeah, I must avoid Pinterest, must, must–I’m on deadline for TWO titles–but oh, how I love it!

  6. Such gorgeous colors in this. Stunning winter detail!

  7. Beautiful and soft, great colors!

  8. Love these calm images. Just nature plain and simple.

    • Thanks! Nature does a good job of speaking for itself, doesn’t it? The world is so beautiful.

  9. Beautiful light and tones.

  10. I love those colours and the composition!
    Less is more 😀

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