Flower Duet

Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in Macro, Mountains, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 6 comments

"Mountain Flowers" by Caryn Caldwell

A pair of wildflowers in the mountains between Colorado and Utah. Edited with Flower Child by Florabella.


  1. I really like the mirror image created by the two flowers. Very pretty!

    • Thanks, Jen! That’s exactly what I was going for (although I was a little stunned when it posted, because it was in my drafts folder. Hmm. WordPress is being difficult.)

  2. now that jen pointed that out, it does seem like a mirror image.. :) pretty cool, great pastel colors too, nice work!

    • That was the idea — the mirror image. It was fun to get the angle just right, though the people at the nearby picnic table seemed to think I was a little crazy. I noticed they left soon after. :-)

  3. Hi Caryn! I have been taking a summer-brake, but am back in blog-world again. This is a great idea, and there is a lightness and summer mood in your fine photo too!

    • So glad to see you back! I haven’t been blogging OR blog-hopping as much as I probably should, so I understand! I’ve mainly been playing around on Instagram. Will come visit soon! Hope you had a good break.

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