Well, Hello There!

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 4 comments

"Poppy, Straight On" by Caryn Caldwell

This poppy wanted me to tell you hello. As for me, I wanted to tell you that I should be back to a more regular posting schedule as of this morning. I had a nice, long break while I worked on revisions for one of my books, but the spring flowers have been calling to me and I couldn’t ignore them anymore. I have a few more poppy pictures in the works, as well as some cactus buds and, well, I don’t know yet. I’ll figure it out when the pictures present themselves.

What’s up with you? What did I miss? Take any great pictures lately? Are you enjoying the spring/summer flowers, too? I want to know!


Last Leaves of Summer

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"Last Leaves of Summer" by Caryn Caldwell

This morning I looked out into our yard to find the plum tree frosted over and the morning sun just beginning to rise, causing the branches to sparkle. Two minutes later I was there with my camera.

Processed with the Winter action in Florabella’s Colorplay action set. The cool turquoise tones felt right for this frosty shot.

Happy New Year! May 2013 be filled with hope and joy for you and your families.


Thistle in Winter

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"Winter Thistle" by Caryn Caldwell


Twin Daisies

Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Macro, Photography, Plants & Flowers | 12 comments

"Twin Daisies" by Caryn Caldwell

Twin daisies reach toward the summer sun. Processed with Florabella Colorplay actions.


Leaves in Frost

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"Frost-Tipped Leaves" by Caryn Caldwell