Pear in BW

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I have always loved the shape and texture and color of pears, but have never before photographed them. I cut this one up for Sunshine’s snack a few days ago. As I popped it in the plastic bag to save for later, I began to admire the polka dot skin, the rough cuts, and the shiny seeds just peeking through. The light filtering through our north-facing window was perfect, so I placed it on a plate on the coffee table, got out my camera and macro lens, and went to work. I’ll have another shot of this pear on Thursday, in color and from a different angle. This was a fun experiment. Although this one was with a bosc pear, I plan to try one of the red-hued ones someday.


Ooh La La

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Sunshine, three weeks old.


Apricot Flower Profile

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Mountain Lake

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A picturesque mountain lake near the border of Utah and Colorado.


Cupped Petals

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I’m getting a lot of mileage out of the crocuses in our backyard. Something new on Monday, though!