A Girl and Her Cat

Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Cat Obsession, Photography, Portraits | 38 comments

"Girl and Cat" by Caryn Caldwell

There’s a special connection between a little girl and her cat. Here Sunshine and Rosie sit side-by-side in our family room, facing away from me, leaning against a window and looking out into the backyard. Sunshine talks softly while Rosie meows in return. Their discussion is a mystery, but they are enjoying their connection and are at peace.

By the way, I finally have an iPod with a camera and I’m now on Instagram (which, yes, I signed up for the day my iPod arrived.) I’d love to be friends if you’re on there, too. Either leave your address in the comments of this post or follow me at http://instagram.com/caryncaldwell so I know how to find you.

Disclaimer: I’m still pretty new at taking photos, editing them, and posting them with Instagram, but I’m learning more every day and having a great time experimenting. Let’s have fun together!

And, for kicks, anyone who’s been on Instagram (or even Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest) lately should enjoy this Nickleback parody. I admit I’m guilty of a few of these…


Startled Rosie

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"Startled Rosie" by Caryn Caldwell


You Ever Have a Day Like This?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Desert, Photography, Portraits | 10 comments

"Sand Hugger" by Caryn Caldwell

I couldn’t resist taking this shot of our friend’s daughter a few weeks ago. Despite looking bereft, she and Sunshine were actually having a terrific time playing in this soft, sandy spot out in the desert.


Plunking Rocks II

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Sunshine plunking rocks into a nearby creek. The second in a series of two. The first is here.


Plunking Rocks

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Sunshine loves to throw rocks into the creek. Around our house, this favorite past time is called “plunking”. I loved the way her little feet were splashing in the water, so I took a quick shot. By the end of this excursion she was wet, muddy, tired, and so, so happy.