My Photography

Background: Photography has been my hobby since high school. Although I let it lapse during college (when I no longer had access to the school newspaper’s darkroom), I picked it back up again as soon as my husband talked me into splurging on our first digital camera. Although the camera was his idea, it became my toy.

Equipment: I currently shoot with a Nikon D90, although many of the photographs on my photoblog were taken with my D60 and, before that, various Canon and Sony point-and-shoot cameras. My favorite lenses are my 50mm and my macro, although I often use my kit lens for quick pictures, and my zoom sees occasional use as well.

Processing: I edit photos with Photoshop CS4, and while I love to play with layers and other effects on my own, I also use a variety of actions from MCP Actions, Pioneer Woman, Itty Bitty Actions, and Coffeeshop Blog. I’ve even made a few of my own. I love to experiment, and freely employ b & w, sepia and color toning as I see fit.

Subjects: I love nature photography in all its forms – both macro and landscapes.  Since my daughter was born in 2010 I’ve become more interested in portraits, too, although I rarely post them on my blog due to privacy issues. Sometimes other subjects catch my eye (like my cats, whom you’ll get to know if you browse for a while), and I happily post them to add a little variety.